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I’m Kirsten, the atlas to your business world. Let me take that weight right off your shoulder!


I Will help you and your business run efficiently, (shaving hours off of your work week) by  tackling your administrative tasks.


  It’s time for your Business Dreams to come to Fruition! 

Let’s get started and Crush those goals together!


I offer multiple services for my diverse client base. They are broken up below into general + specialty categories to help easily differentiate  the value of service. *Hourly rates are based on specified client needs. 

General Tasks/Skills:

  • Gmail/Email Management
  • Google Apps/GSuite
  • MS Office
  • Dropbox
  • CRM
  • Quickbook and Freshbooks
  • Manage calendars/scheduling
  • Manage travel plans

Specialty Services/Skills:

  • Newsletter campaigns through MailChimp
  • Social media content curation
  • Personalized templates via Canva with integration into newsletters, social media, and websites
  • Basecamp management
  • Content writing, proofreading, and editing
  • Formatting posts in your business’ CMS (such as WordPress)
  • Blog editorial calendar management and headline development
  • Landing pages

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